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NBM-01 Anti-Aging Products skin rejuvenation Oxygen facial machine

NBM-01 Anti-Aging Products skin rejuvenation Oxygen facial machine
Product Detailed
1.wrinkle removal 2.anti-aging oxygen skin care machine 4.Oxygen Injection Therapy Equipment 5. Bio-oxygen Plus         2012 skin care salon beauty machine hot spa skin rejuvenation machine oxygen    DESCRIPTION:

Skin Oxygen O2 Injection Beauty Machine ,Oxygen Injection Beauty Machine,Skin Facial Lifting Skin Care Beauty MachineBio-Oxygen Plus Oxygen Therapy Facial Lifting Machine100% Brand New Perfect Professional Oxygen Therapy Spa MachineOne of the most Popular Skin Care Spa Treatment Equipment for SalonMist Oxygen Spray,Oxygen Infusion and Oxygen Scent CombinedSupply Continuous High-pressure Oxygen, 98% Pure Oxygen,Makes Skins Easily Inhale Nutrition.


 The oxygen is closely linked with the human body. There are a lot of reasons cause our diseases, besides the oxygen shortage of the aerosphere, such as busy life in the city, long time facing to the computer and the dry office, lack of the exercise, bad diet habit, etc.. The research shows that only when each person adds 1.44 gallon oxygen for the skin epidermis everyday, can be maintains the normal growth and create the new cells of the 60 mega cells.

The human body itself is one source of the pollution. When the cells lack of oxygen, it will slow down or stop the process of the metabolism. As a result, it will lead to lots of skin problems, for example, the chlorosis of the face, darkness of the face, black fleck, whelk, acne, pore block and so on. If the skin lacks of oxygen for a long time, it will result in the declination of the memory, aching shoulder, asthma, fatigue eyes, cataract, sensitive rhinitis, bronchits, hypertension, congestion of the brain, the obstruction of the cardiovascular, hemorrhoids, coprostasis, psoriasis, emphysema, angiosclerosis, icy hand and foot, rheumatism, even worse it will become the cancer.

  We conclude all the illness owing to less of oxygen into the below chart.  

Operation Theory:


The Almighty oxygen jet ionizes the gas of the air and creates the oxygen of 98% purity under the high pressure separation method. Together with the special design nozzle, lance boom and facial mask, the jet injects, spays and inhales the oxygen directly to the wrinkle and dry skin, which makes the skin absorbs the oxygen quickly, adds the activity of the human cells and accelerates its metabolism. So that it can reach an unbelievable treatment effect. Meanwhile, it also can use the suction of the sucking pen to cleanse the lymph, use the Bio biology current to pull skin.

Main Efficacies:

The Bio-Oxygen Plus aims at skin with lack of oxygen, through no pain beauty therapy, uses oxygen to take the certain active elements including Hyaluronic acid and oxygen serum and etc into deep skin. All of them can be plus into skin bottom into the natural spaces of cuticle cells and produce positive impaction simultaneously. Bio-Oxygen Plus, imported advanced technique of the world, can input 98% pure oxygen and active essence into deep skins, effectively speed up cells metabolism, recover healthy, tender and fresh. We can observe directly from the chart, after six weeks treating courses, skin surface is obviously improved and renewal, smoother, finer and firmer. Skin is like a fresh apple with moisture and shining.The Operating Panel:

1.Oxygen spray treatment: use the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage on the skin in order to treat all kinds of prurituses, sensitive skin, neurotic dermatits, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, the sunlight symptom, etc..

2.Lymph drainage treatment: Make the lymphatic and the blood circulation smooth and dispel the impurity and the toxin via the suction.

3.Oxygen injection treatment: inject the pure oxygen and the special prescribed beauty product into the bottom of the epidermis via the no needle pressure oxygen injection. Which is to strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote its metabolism. So that it can treat and improve the problems that caused by the oxygen shortage, such as dark and light skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentattion and the conventional skin problems.

4.Oxygen inhalation treatment: wear the facial mask and inhale the pure oxygen together with the fragrance-impregnated essence via the function of the chemical plating.

A: Respiratory system----rhinitis, faucitis, catchcold,etc.;

 B: Neural system----neurasthenic, insomnia, migraine, etc.;C: Blood----leucopenia; D: Digestive system----coprostasis, the disorder of the gastrointestinal unction; E: Metabolism and incretion----diabetes, meno-syndrome, menstrual disorder, cramp, micro-circulation improvement, wound-concrescence promotion, metabolism acceleration, immunity strengthen, incretion adjust; F: Skin---- all kind of skin problems: increase the cell activity, suspend the cadulity, improve the blood circulation and metabolism, tighten the skin, dispel the wrinkles, meliorate the fleck, whiten the skin, meliorate the whelk, balance the grease incretion and improve the sensitive skin.(2)Have a rest 15 minutes after the oxygen inhalation, which is more suitable for those who have the weak lung.5.BIO pull skin wrinkle-dispelling: professional dealing with skin the wrinkle question.Main Features:1. Mist oxygen spray, oxygen infusion and oxygen scent, 3 functions together.2. It can supply continuous high-pressure oxygen, 98% pure oxygen.3. It makes skins easily inhale nutrition.4. If matching with our special extracts liquid, it will receive remarkable effects.5 Sprayer is made of stainless steel, it with extracts liquid container at the end.Basic steps of treatment:Face1. Cleaning: After cleaning the face, to wait for the skins dry and start spraying the oxygen. The procedure should be matched with the diamond peel better.2. Lymph Drainage: Use the Vacuum Pen to do lymph drainage with following the lymph way. (About 15 minutes)3. Oxygen spray: Use Mist Sprayer to spray oxygen on the face to make skins accommodate with the pure oxygen status, to strengthen cells of face rejuvenate and metabolism.(About 10 minutes)4. Oxygen infusion: Spread the extracts completely, adopt the O2 Infusion Jet with pressure and follow the face skins textures to massage, lift and remove wrinkles. (About 30 minutes)5. Oxygen scent: Wear the Oxygen Mask to do Oxygen scent treatment, 15 minutes better.6. Mask: Suggestion is to use some Mask that can make up water and nutrition.7. Suggestion treatment: 12 times one course, the first 8 times should be two times one week, the latter 4 times should be one time one week.Importance of lymph care

It is a large industrial society, everything like wearing, eating, living, moving all can not avoid Outer Toxins spreading. And the Inner Toxins also produce gradually from metabolism at the human body. Both the toxins are accumulated steadily, and form harms to our health. They directly reflect changes in our skin, body, and impactour health and beauty. Almighty oxygen jet, according to the lymph place at neck, gesture at face, adopts the infusion jet and vacuum pen, to stimulate venation and points, push blood circulation, let lymph vessels and blood circulation free, and effectively remove rubbish, unwanted water, toxins from body through lymph system

Technical Parameters:

Size of LCD screen11 inch
PackagingWooden case,carton,aluminum case within foams
Analysis chart for steady courses within six weeksFrom the chart, we can directly observe, skin after six courses, its surface receives obviously renew and improvement, turns more tender and decent. 

NBM-01 Anti-Aging Products skin rejuvenation Oxygen facial machine

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